BRD-STB Dual Card

The BRD-STB contactless dual card can be used as a mean to pay for the travel at the electronic taxing devices in STB vehicles or in Metrorex stations as well as for POS and ATM usual transactions.

When issuing the banking card, each client receives a gift of 5 lei in the electronic wallet from the bank.

The clients that have enlisted in the banking system and have chosen to get a dual card for the auto top up application and that have an account on the STB web portal can automatically reload the electronic wallet with amounts from the bank account. If the client wants a bigger amount in the electronic wallet, he/she can reload the credit through means provided by STB which are mentioned below.

One can issue the STB and Metrorex travel card on the bank card at the STB centers for loading and reloading.

The reloading of the travel card can be done at:
  • STB centers for loading and reloading cards
  • STB centers for card reloading
  • At site
  • The 112 BCR ATM points dedicated for reloading the Activ card, which are flagged and equipped with contactless technology (if one uses the dual BRD-STB card only as a transportation card and the owner possesses another bank card to provide the value of the travel card)

For each reloading of the transport application, the clients get a bonus of 5% from the value of the reloadd amount from the account of the BRD-STB dual cards.

One can visualize the balance on the transport application at:
  • The STB validating systems in the public transport vehicles or in Metrorex stations.
  • the online site
  • The STB centers for cards loading and reloading
  • The STB centers for cards reloading
The travel card that can be loaded on the dual BRD-STB card through STB centers for card loading and reloading are:

Full price
Reduced price
Subscription for 1 urban line 30.00 15.00
Subscription for 2 urban lines 35.00 17.50
General urban subscription 50.00 25.00
Subscription for 1 suburb line 35.00 17.50
Subscription for 2 combined lines 50.00 25,00
Suburb subscription 65.00 32,50
One day fractioned subscription 8.00 -
7 days fractioned subscription 17.00 -
15 days fractioned subscription 25.00 -
EXPRES TITLES (for 780 and 783 lines)
2 journeys 7.00 -
10 journeys 27.00 -
Monthly subscription 80.00 -
Electronic wallet max 50.00 -
Monthly subscription 60.00 -
Limited journeys monthly subscription 50.00 -
Weekly subscription 20.00 -