When asked by STB ticket controllers, passengers have to present the travel cards they are using. Owners of nominal subscriptions and bus-passes have to present, when asked, their I.D.s.

Passengers traveling without a valid travel card will be sanctioned by STB controllers with the payment of a journey overload of 50 lei/offense or through offense report.
Controllers identify themselves with a nominal STB ID and with the badge (where the ID number is mentioned) and have to give the identified offender the finding proof (under regulation no 156/2001 of the General Assembly of Bucharest City).
When offenders don’t pay the super tax on the spot, payment can be made within 48 hours at any STB center for card loading and reloading.

Cards must be validated at the special devices immediately after boarding the public transportation vehicle.

The journey fee deduced when validating the electronic wallet , is valid only for one journey, on a semi-route, with no interruption, only in the vehicle where it was validated.

Subscriptions and bus passes will be used only for the means they have been issued for.

Nominal Activ cards and nominal bus passes cannot be used by other passengers.

The offence report written for offences in the public transportation vehicles can be challenged within 15 days since it has been communicated.

Complaints against the offense reports written by STB controllers can be made at the special district (judicial court) in the area where the offense has been detected.