Measures to avoid infection with Covid-19 (coronavirus)

STB SA asks its passengers to follow the rules of personal hygiene and protection established by the authorities (seek COVID-19 guides provided by the Department for Emergencies (DSU) through the National Platform of Training for Emergencies,

STB SA continues the decontamination process of all the vehicles on the route, twice a day, using substances which kill the viruses (chlorine based) and will keep on sanitizing the vehicles and the tram stations.

During this period, STB SA recommends that the passengers should use mostly the alternative means we provide, in order to purchase transportation tickets: online loading of the nominal transportation card, payment by 24Pay app, payment by SMS or payment with the contactless bank card directly at the validator;

On the other hand, STB SA recommends the following contact methods:

  • for information regarding the public transportation lines, traffic problems, transportation cards, transportation tickets, contraventions, control, suggestions and complaints: Call Center 021.0301;
  • to report non-compliance with the safeguards against Covid 19: TelVerde 0800.800.165.