General Information

Before getting on a STB vehicle, passengers must make sure they have a proper ticket for the respective public transport vehicle and with the proper fare for the respective period.

The Activ card, loaded with the electronic wallet as well as the Multiplu card loaded with a number of journeys, will be validated at the existing special appliances, immediately after getting into the vehicle.

The value of the journey fee is deducted once the electronic wallet is validated; it is only valid for one journey, on a semi-route, without stopping, only in the vehicles in which it was validated.

Subscriptions and bus passes that can be bought in STB distribution network, and will be used only for the purposes they were issued for.
Nominal Activ cards or nominal bus passes cannot be transferred to other persons.

At the Card Reloading Centers, one can load only those type of ticket cards existing on the client’s card.
Reloading the card titles with reduced fare can be done only at the Card Issuing and Reloading Centers.

In case of theft, loss or damaging of the Activ card by owner’s fault, the automatic system of loading permits the recovery of the credit remained in the electronic wallet or of the unused period in the owned subscription. The passenger will go to a STB Card Issuing and Reloading Center and will make a written request in order to block the card and get a new card support, on which the remaining unused credit will be transferred.

The transfer will be made on the spot for subscription and within 24 hours for the electronic wallet, express journeys and the Metrorex limit subscription-62 journeys.

The Activ card support is free only when issued for the first time. The new card support will cost 4,7 lei.

The list of lost cards can be accessed so that the owners can recover them.

The card tickets can also be paid with bank cards –VISA or MASTERCARD- at all our online selling points (Card issuing and reloading centers).