School Bus Lines

Bucharest Transport Company STB S.A. has established a transportation line for pupils within a pilot project launched by the municipality.

STB created line 327, which will operate during the school year, between 07.00-20.00 hours, connecting Scoala Gimnazială no. 141 and Şcoala Gimnazială no. 127. This line will provide transportation for hundreds of pupils on the following route: St. Caporal Preda, St. Soldat Croitoru Vasile, Șos. Alexandria, St. Pucheni, St. Teodor Mazilu, Str. Munţii Carpaţi, with return on St. Munţii Carpaţi, St. Caporal Preda. The buses will stop on St. Caporal Preda in station „Şcoala Gimnazială nr. 141”, and on St. Munţii Carpaţi station „Şcoala Gimnazială nr. 127”.


Route map