Bucharest Events Tram

Bucharest Transport Company offers for rent the BUCHAREST EVENTS TRAM.

Restored and refurbished, the Rathgeber type tram has a capacity of 30 seats.

From Munich to Bucharest, the ‘70s tram will create a vintage atmosphere and will offer you a ride on 4 routes.

Passengers’ boarding/disembarking is made at Dudesti depot or in one of the tram stations on the proposed routes – but within the period of time equivalent with the currently necessary time for boarding and disembarking for this mode of transport (about 20-30 seconds).

The tram will not station at the end of the line (except the usual ones required by the daily tram traffic in the respective terminal).

The rental fee for the Bucharest Events tram is 100 lei/km (VAT included), plus 200 lei/hour (VAT included) for the parking periods.


e-mail: info@stbsa.ro

phone: 021/30.74.212 (Monday-Friday, 08:00 – 16:00 hours)