Suprataxa is a product with special rate that is part of our fare offer, with a value of 80 lei, given to the passengers found without a valid and validated ticket/pass or without documents attesting the right to travel free. If the Suprataxa is paid on the spot, the ticket inspectors will not write a report on the offense.

The Suprataxa can be paid at the inspectors with cash or with the contactless bank card (Mastercard, Maestro or Visa), even if the card is enrolled using a phone or a smart watch with a wallet function.

Bank card transactions are processed without commission or other charges, regardless of the type of card one uses, through the CEC SmartPhone POS mobile app, installed on the portable control equipment of the inspectors.

The bank checks the validity of the card, as well as if there is enough balance to pay the surcharge, and subsequently the transaction is confirmed by the mobile app, being certified by the electronic receipt sent to the passenger by email. After the transaction is completed, the inspectors issue the surcharge card.

According to the legislation in force, the Suprataxa card is considered a special regime document and can be issued without a tax receipt.

On request, one can get a tax receipt for the Suprataxa card at our office located on 164-168 Șerban Vodă Road, District 4, Bucharest, by presenting the Suprataxa card and the ID.

The Suprataxa card allows the use of all surface public transport vehicles in the Bucharest-Ilfov Region, only during the day it was issued, until midnight (24:00), and then its validity expires.