Travel Tips

The Bucharest Transport Company uses a modern charging method, based on the contactless card technology, which replaced, since 2006, the paper subscriptions and tickets.

Besides, STB SA provides the passengers alternative options to pay the tickets:

  • by SMS, directly from the mobile device;
  • by the free app 24pay (there is no need to have a transportation card);
  • by contactless bank card, directly at the validator (this product is currently available on Otokar, hybrid Mercedes Citaro, on night trams (1 and 10) and on tram 41 but it will be available also on other lines;
  • by dual cards BRD-STB.

The Activ card can be loaded with e-wallet as well as with any type of subscription and both travel titles can be used in parallel.

The Activ nominal card offers various loading advantages. The Activ nominal card can be purchased only at centers for loading and reloading cards.

The non-nominal Activ card can be purchased at any sale center.

The two types of cards can be loaded at any sale center and at the vending machines.

Besides, the Activ nominal card can also be reloaded through the online reloading platform.

The Multiplu transportation card is designated for occasional passengers and can be purchased at any sale center and at the vending machines.



One cannot pay the ticket to the driver or to the controllers and the tax receipt is not considered a ticket.

Before getting into the public transportation vehicles, please make sure that you have the transportation card or, where necessary, the requested documents to prove you can travel free.

Validation is mandatory, at the electronic equipments installed for this purpose into the public transport vehicles, in the Bucharest-Ilfov Region, only if the transportation card is loaded with e-wallet, trips or subscription with a validity period of 24 hours or 72 hours.

The payment for one metropolitan trip allows the use of surface public transport vehicles in the Bucharest-Ilfov Region, within a period of 90 minutes.

Metropolitan and metro trips allows the use of surface public transport vehicles in the Bucharest-Ilfov Region and the metro, within a period of 120 minutes.

If the validity period of the transportation title expires before finalizing the trip by surface public transport vehicles, it is necessary to pay for a new trip, by validating the card again, in order to continue the trip. On the other hand, if you have already passed the metro access gates within a period of 120 minutes, the metro trip can be continued without the need for a new card validation.

Payment by SMS must be done before boarding the public transportation vehicle and after a few seconds, you get a message which contains the confirmation code of the transaction. 

The tickets purchased by 24pay app are activated automatically, after the confirmation of the transaction is received, and there is no need to validate them inside the public transportation vehicles. The tickets are saved in the app, in the "History" section, and thus can be presented for verification to the control team.

If you pay the ticket by SMS or 24pay app, please make sure that your phone’s battery will be loaded throughout the trip.

Urban subscriptions cannot be used for express or regional lines and vice versa.

On common routes, the subscription for one line can be used on other lines if they belong to the same price category.

In these cases, subscriptions for one or two lines must be validated in accordance with the regulation regarding card validation.

A group of lines means those public transportation lines with the same price for one trip or for one subscription).

The groups of lines are: express type, urban type, special lines and regional lines.

When asked by the STB SA controllers, passengers must provide the tickets they are using or documents to attest the right to travel free. If these conditions are not met, passengers must provide an ID so that the legal measures should be applied. 

Before traveling for the first time with the public transportation vehicles operated by STB SA please read the validation instructionsthe instructions for using the SMS payment service and the user guide for 24pay app.

In order to get to your destination as easily as possible and to reduce the waiting time in the stations, we recommend that you plan your trip with the free app Info Transport Bucharest.


Recommendations for a safe trip:

  • be careful when boarding/getting off the vehicles in order to avoid accidents;
  • board/get off the vehicles only through indicated doors;
  • hold the handrails, during the journey, in order to avoid accidents;
  • do not display your valuable goods and keep an eye on your luggage during the journey.

Recommendations for a civilized trip:

  • do not eat or drink inside the vehicles;
  • do not throw domestic waste inside the vehicles or in stations;
  • do not put your feet on the seats;
  • avoid, as much as possible, to speak at the mobile phone or to listen to music inside the vehicles lest you disturb the other passengers;
  • give up your seats for elderly people, pregnant women and children;
  • do not encourage peddling or begging;
  • pets are allowed in the vehicles, only in the cases of accompanied dogs with leash and muzzle or small carried animals, but following the provisions of OUG no. 55/2002.